Project Management Services

Project Management Services include:

  • Form Tax Credit LLC and create initial operating documents.
  • Coordinate third party reports including environmental Phase 1, capital needs assessments, rent comparability studies, appraisals, market studies, surveys, title insurance, etc.
  • Work with legal counsel to draft closing documents, construction contract, and review final IRS tax credit documents and forms.
  • Work with title company to process and release construction draws.
  • Track construction draws in formats to meet both State Housing Authority and auditor’s requirements.
  • Prepare and submit subsequent development status reports to State Housing Authority (post threshold documentation, 10% Test documents, Review 2, Review 3, etc.).
  • Process equity release requests to be submitted to the equity partner.
  • Prepare status reports for a variety of different financing sources including HOME and Federal Home Loan Bank.
  • Assist client in obtaining appropriate property and general liability insurance and gathering development team coverages for all additional insured parties.
  • Prepare necessary forms for HUD including Mixed Finance and Demolition/Disposition approvals.
  • Prepare necessary forms for USDA-Rural Development for debt deferral, rental assistance or additional Rural Development Financing.